About Us

About Us

We create locally crafted, natural candles that are both inspired by and celebrate the beautiful West Coast. Every West Coast Senses candle has a story. The scents, the colours and the artwork are the mediums to tell our story and share our love for the West Coast. We use natural soy wax and clean ingredients to create these luxury candles. We use soy wax because it is a healthy alternative to paraffin wax - found in most big brand candles - and they have a longer burn time. All of the fragrances in our candles are paraben-free and phthalate-free to ensure a clean and non-toxic burn. West Coast Senses offers you candles that share your love for the West Coast and your desire to protect it. 

Meet Claire: Owner & Co-Founder 

Every West Coast Senses candle is hand-made by Claire. She is the owner and the content creator of the brand. Growing up in Richmond, BC, she has always felt at peace in nature and loves swimming, oversized cardigans and mindful moments with trees.


Our Story

West Coast Senses was created during a difficult time for Claire. She experienced a traumatic incident abroad that left her with a broken sense of security. Returning to BC and feeling grounded here was a step towards recovering what she had lost. 

As a part of her healing journey, she focused on activities and sensations that provided a sense of comfort and safety, especially being in nature and working with her hands. Making candles became a way to re-spark her sense of creativity and joy. 

Every scent she creates is dedicated to a positive experience and memory. Surrounding herself with scents associated with meaningful memories has played an important role in her ability to heal, and making candles continues to be a grounding practice to help her feel safe where she is.  

She decided to grow this idea into a brand that is not only inspired by the West Coast, but seeks to celebrate the beauty and strength of the land. We invite you to participate in this journey with us and enjoy our candles that evoke a sense of security, joy, and serenity.